Things I am tired of hearing about.

I’m sure most if not all of us at some point are sick and tired of hearing about something. We kind of bring it on ourselves with what friends we have on social networking sites, or what news stations we watch. But that doesn’t really make having to scroll through 20 blogs on your dashboard on tumblr, or having to change the channel when CNN reports on yet another version of the same car bombing, any easier on myself and others.

1. Oppa Gangnam Style – Don’t hate me because I like the song and I think it is adorable. I just don’t understand the popularity. Even MY MOTHER has watched the music video. She sought out the video without me even telling her about it, which is odd considering that I’m the one who listens to a fair amount of Korean musicians/bands. I’m sure PSY is very happy with how this has spread around world-wide, and he probably wasn’t expecting that to happen. But it is getting to be as obnoxiously overplayed, over-joked about, over-reinterpreted, just as much as Call Me Maybe. I think what bothers me is, PSY made this song to be funny, and there are bands that I practically worship, like 2NE1, who deserve worldwide recognition in my opinion and they haven’t quite seen it yet. That makes me sad.

2. Adventure Time Pairings – If I have to hear about Jake being paired with Flame Princess or Princess Bubblegum one more time I will eat my face. I get that people like to ship their ships and that they believe very strongly in them, I have my own ships that I ship to no end. But don’t torture me with them. And then when people fight about the pairings. Jake and FP vs. Jake and PB are just… a waste of valuable time you could spend blogging about other pairings, like Thorki, for example. I don’t even support Thorki but I understand it and therefore seeing it does not get on my nerves.

3. All wars with Middle-Eastern countries – I lost count of how many times I have changed the channel because CNN has reported on something or somebody who has been blown up in Libya, Afghanistan or Iraq. Constantly reporting on different versions of the same thing just breeds that hatred for Muslims and anyone associated with the Middle-East. Who truly wants to hear about American and Middle-Eastern soldiers being killed every time they turn on the news?

4. Mitt Romney’s stupidity – I think we all get that he’s a fucking dumbass. I mean, even REPUBLICANS get that he is a fucking dumbass. I knew he was a fucking dumbass long before the primary was over, long before the secret tapes were released, long before he tried to cover it up, and I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

5. Revolution – This TV series is so over-advertised that it is sickening. Every single commercial break on NBC, features a preview for this show. The concept, which is about everyone losing power and dealing with it, is NOT that interesting in the slightest. I would hazard a guess that the majority of people who watch the show, are those people who prepare for the end of the world or the worldwide blackout that they’ve thought will happen for the last 12 years but hasn’t happened yet. If the creator of the show is one of those preppers for the apocalypse, I won’t be surprised. When you over-advertise a TV show, that makes it less-appealing to me to watch.

6. Linkin Park – I am a fan of them, so, all you LP fans don’t lose your shit on me. I like them, I support them, but they have gotten so fucking popular that I do not want to hear about them every minute of every day. I am selective about how much time I spend on tumblr because of this. And part of the problem is the band themselves. They are just doing way too much stuff, and I was at a point not too long ago where I felt like if I missed something then I would somehow miss out something more important than my education, which is scary considering that right now most of their updates are LPTV episodes on youtube. And Linkin Park leads me into my next thing on the list…

7. Bennoda – This has got to be the most unrealistic pairing in the history of unrealistic pairings. Now, I can definitely tell you that it is Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington’s FAULT that they caused this ship with how many times we’ve seen them being way too friendly with each other. But when we examine their personalities, they are complete opposites to the point where a relationship between them would crash and burn. For example, Mike is semi-known for being in favor of gay marriage, whereas the mere suggestion of homosexuality to Chester will freak him the fuck out. By the way, from what I gather, Mike is a liberal democrat and Chester is a conservative republican. I could be wrong on this, but I have my doubts that I am. And let’s not forget the fact that Mike is happily married, and based on his personality, even if his marriage ended, he is definitely extremely picky about romances with others, as well as relationships with people in general. And my final reason, is that Bennoda is really annoying.

8. Anything negative about President Obama – Seems like until recently everyone and their brother wanted to be on the hate Obama bandwagon. Without understanding the circumstances, without listening to what our President says, he has been labeled as the bad guy who fucked everything up, when all he has tried to do, is fix it. And he could fix it all, if the American people hadn’t elected a Republican majority in Congress. Blaming the entire US government along with the US population is okay, but blaming one person for everything is just obscene. Let’s remember that he made history, gave us healthcare for everyone, and genuinely cares about the American people.

9. 99% vs. 1% – I dislike it when we group Americans into percentages, like all of the sudden we are statistics and not people. The Occupy Wall Street movement was a wonderful idea, but the 99% vs. 1% that stemmed from it, is both inaccurate and unfair. I am not happy with the tax cuts for the wealthy, but just because someone is wealthy, does not mean they obtained that money through corrupt means. There are honest people in this country who have gained their earnings through fair and legitimate means. The problem is not the people, it’s the tax cuts, and that is what we need to focus on.

10. Joseph Kony – Sometimes, something becomes too big. It gets to be so ridiculously well-known that its intent backfires. The whole point was to drive the American people to yell at the government to go into Congo and Uganda to find and capture Joseph Kony for his crimes. Well, after the April poster campaign of Kony 2012, people started littering the web with memes about what happened to Kony. Because no one has taken the initiative to just google his name and read what has or hasn’t happened. And then we just all got sick of hearing about him, so no one has said anything. We seem to have forgotten what Kony 2012 was really about.

Just remember that these are my opinions, please respect them, and I will respect yours.

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