2012 Presidential Debate

I want to start off by saying that I am disappointed in the way Jim Lehrer handled the debate. Not only did he allow Mitt Romney to talk over and talk down to him like he was a dog, but he also tried to interupt President Obama and cut him off. Like a true President, he fought for his time, to keep the battle ground relatively fair. If Mitt Romney is allowed to go over his time, then President Obama should be allowed that too. Never mind the fact that as I recall, the President always has seniority in the debates because he is the President.

President Obama made quite clear that he is still the President, from telling Jim Lehrer “I had five seconds left until you interupted me” and let me make this point. In addition, he spoke to Mitt Romney, Lehrer, the audience, and Americans watching the televised event by talking directly into the camera. He handled himself appropriately, and was well composed. I am sure the media will attack him for stuttering a lot, but if we remember from past speeches, this seems to be a speech habit of the President. I don’t believe it is due to nervousness, but rather a passionate opinion. I can think of many people, including myself, who stutter whenever their opinions, beliefs or views are important to them and MUST be shared. I think he was thinking more, as he was speaking, which prevented him from running his mouth like a child as Mitt Romney did.

Another key point is that President Obama made his stance and plans very clear. Not all of his facts about Romney were 100% accurate but in debates, they never really are totally accurate on both sides. Presidential debates have become a spectator sport in the United States, where people tune in to see the candidates rip each other apart. We forget that the debates are not about who looks prettiest, or who says the best shot to the opposition, but that this is their moment to state how they will be President. I prefer to approach debates with a logical mind, and I get the impression that President Obama wants to approach them in the same manner. Let us not forget that our President is an attorney, and they are trained and educated to think on their feet, present their facts in the best way they can, and pounce when the time is right. President Obama listened closely to what Romney said, and now he knows where Romney stands. Romney was all over the place, a hyperactive child, and said probably all that he will ever say. He likely does not have anything left, and I am going to be very happy in the next debate, when President Obama calls him out on everything that he said.

President Obama was not perfect though. Aside from some facts being inaccurate, which I will not sit here and nitpick about, he uttered a statement that bothered me a little bit. “A family with an autistic kid”. President Obama should be well aware of laws which require us to use “people first” when talking about people/persons with disabilities. Especially in public schools, private schools and institutions, we never say phrases like “That retarded kid”, or “wheelchair bound”. The term “mental retardation” has been abolished, and we now say “intellectual disability/delay”. Do I feel like the President was intentionally insulting children who are autistic and the families of those children? Absolutely not. I have, on occasion, let the “people first” rule slip and said terms like “autistic kid” without meaning any harm by it. President Obama is a different generation than I, and around twice my age (I am 26 if anyone is wondering). The point he was making is that families with children who are disabled, deserve the same care that everyone else deserves. In light of Romney’s disgusting 47% comments, I just hope in future debates and speeches, the President realizes his little slip, and is more careful. I also feel that most people and the media likely did not even notice this, but I am sure many educators did.

I am not going to discuss Romney in great detail because thinking about him makes me want to rinse off my brain with bleach. The way he stood there smirking at our President made him look like the most evil man to walk this planet.

There is one thing he said last night that I cannot put behind me. He called President Obama, “bro”. I give serious credit to the President for not responding to that remark because I never would have been able to hold it together if someone said that to me.

Aside from the obvious disrespect, after I heard it, I was waiting for “yeah boi!” to come out of Romney’s mouth. I don’t care how much you disagree with our President, or how much you may dislike him. He is still our President. We, the people, voted him into office. Under no circumstances should any candidate ever insult the President like that. Would Vice President Joe Biden go up to President Obama and call him “bro”? No, because he has respect for him. Romney and the President are not friends, buddies, pals, or anything else. If I met our President I would not go up to him and say “Hey bro, wassup?” They are opponents and are expected to have professionalism, class and grace in the presence of the American people.

While President Obama presented himself that way, Mitt Romney did not. Mitt Romney is not Presidential material. He is a self hater, a hater of the American people, and a liar. He has said vile things about his wife and family, like his comments about how his father’s family saved money to his uncle to college, and he stated he would never do something like that for his brother. And my personal favorite, in regards to his wife, “Don’t ask Ann too many questions or people will get tired of her”. In case you haven’t noticed Mitt, that is your wife and the mother or your children. Apparently she is not good enough or smart enough in his eyes to support him. Let us remember President Obama acknowledging that the reason he is President is because of the First Lady. Michelle Obama is 50% of his Presidency. I don’t know what is worse, Romney’s obvious lack of respect for women, or the fact that his wife stays with him.

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