Apparently the government has ownership of my sex organs.

Or at least, some people in the government believe that they should be allowed to dictate what goes and comes out of my body whether I like it or not. In other words, if someone rapes me, I can’t have the morning after pill, or get an abortion. According to them, aborting a fetus created through rape is morally wrong. That’s like saying it is morally wrong to euthanize your pet cat when it is in severe pain and discomfort caused by feline leukemia (FIV).

I am not going to spout the argument that men don’t understand women and that is what motivates the pro-life stance. The reality is that there a lot of women who are against abortion too. Not all people who are pro-life absolutely hate women or think that abortion should not be offered because of rape or serious health reasons. For example, a friend of mine is pro-life because she would rather whenever possible, that people would complete the pregnancy, have the baby delivered and give the baby up for adoption. Because she was adopted, her perspective makes her argument legitimate and respectful.

Then we move on to what is NOT respectful. Forcing women to have an ultra-sound before an abortion. It is in our nature as women to be maternal, and letting go of a baby, even if it is the logical choice, can be very hard for a lot of women. For psychological reasons this is unhealthy. Women who have abortions sometimes become depressed afterward, partly due to emotional reasons and because of chemical reasons related to hormones (same reason why women become depressed after a healthy pregnancy).

The endocrine system which controls our sex organs, also controls many of our emotions, and hormones like serotonin, which if decreased, is the main cause of depression. If you combine that, with forcing a woman to look at the fetus they are about to abort, this is emotional abuse. The government was not designed to emotionally abuse women. The government was not designed to give doctors the power to do harm, when they live by the philosophy, “DO NO HARM”. This constitutes in my opinion as medical malpractice.

Giving a fetus who has not been born, the same rights as someone who has been born, makes no sense if looked at in a scientific way. In order for a fetus to be considered “alive”, they must be completely expelled from the womb. It is possible, though rare, for a fetus to be expelled partially from the uterus and breathe air for the first time, but due to the sketchiness of breathing being a definition of life, I will exclude it from my argument. You cannot grant personhood to someone who is not born. The baby must be completely detached from the mother and that includes the ambilical cord. Sure, a fetus has a heart beat while they are in the womb. They are “alive” because their mother’s body is keeping them alive. Without the mother, a fetus is likely to “die”.

If you have seen the film, Iron Man 2, you may remember Tony Stark’s charismatic statement about why they cannot take away his Iron Man suit. If we look beyond the theatrics, Tony Stark is actually right in his argument. If he were to surrender the Iron Man suit, he would need to include the miniature reactor in his chest, which keeps him alive. The government cannot confiscate body parts or prosthetics, unless given permission by the person who owns those body parts in a will either living or post mortem, or for more informal documentation the part of your stated issued photo ID that says you are an organ donor. Otherwise, we get the final say in what comes in and goes out of our bodies (the exception being asking a doctor to remove a part of our body that would kill us, which would be considered malpractice).

The statement that abortion is unnatural also makes little sense in today’s society. If we were cavemen, it would be an appropriate statement but we don’t live the way we did thousands of years ago. When we want to go somewhere, do we hop in our horse driven buggy or do we get in our car? That statement mostly applies to people who own cars, and obviously not people who get around by city bus (like me) or people who use a bicycle or motorcycle. Even so, I think you get the point. Furthermore, lets define unnatural. Unnatural means not nature. Not nature would describe about oh I dunno, everything we do in a day other than physical exercise. So if you are against something which is unnatural, then you are probably also against cars, trucks, planes, boats, printing press, facebook, iPhones, instagram, electricity, surgical procedures which save lives, etc.

Is abortion “unnatural”? There is no correct answer to that question. Some people believe women were designed to give birth the best way they could and if it didn’t work and the baby or mother or both died it was nature’s choice. Others believe that it is the natural decision of the mother to protect her baby at all costs, even if it means the baby has to die. For example, lets take into account this psychological question: You are in Nazi Germany. You are hiding in a bunker underneath your house with a group of people. You have a baby who has a cold. You know that if any of you, including your baby make any sounds, the Nazi’s could find you and kill you. Do you gamble and hope everything turns out all right, or do you kill your baby?

The question is somewhat unfair because it does not present all logic that applies to this situation. What would a person really do in a moment like that? That is where our instincts as mothers kick in. We don’t want our baby to die, but we also want to further the species. We know that if we live, we can have another baby. That is the logical choice that animals make based on instinct.

When I think about the reality of a situation like that, the idea that the Nazis would find, and kill my baby devastates me. Who would want their baby to be placed in a situation like that? For those who think it is terrible to kill your own child, you are right. It’s not supposed to be a positive thing. But, I would certainly be less treacherous of an individual than a Nazi who has no value of life whatsoever. I would kill me baby, to avoid my baby being killed by the Nazis.

We are incapable of predicting the future. We can only make decisions based on information we already have obtained. For that reason, arguments about who the fetus might become if they are born, or arguments regarding “but the Nazis might not find you” are invalid because we do not know for sure what will happen, but we do know what could happen.


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