Rape Advisory Chart


This image was found here: GOP Rape Advisory Chart

Since the media has decided to attack President Obama for petty things like “We have fewer horses and bayonets”, I think it s quite appropriate that we attack these Republicans for their disgusting comments about rape.

Rape is rape, it doesn’t have subcategories. It may have other names like incest, molestation, but, ultimately, rape is rape. Rape is not consensual. If it was, we wouldn’t be calling it rape. So, when you use the term “forcible rape”, that is like saying there is good and bad rape. Either these morons have absolutely no idea what rape is, or they believe that people deserve to be raped, or a mixture of both.

So in case you were considering voting for a Republican this election, be sure to check up on what they say. Not all Republicans are bad. But Linda McMahon is doing this dirty trick right now, of running an ad where people are saying “I am voting for Barack Obama and Linda McMahon”. At www.lindasplan.com, the sixth part of her plan, “Develop American Energy Resources”, shows an image of a pipe, and the Obama Administration being a blockage.

Here is that image:


Never mind the fact that that liquid in the cute little picture is yellow…

Anyways, as you see from the advisory chart, Linda McMahon appears to be siding with the MEN when it comes to the health of women. If that is not a betrayal to women in America and around the world, then I don’t know what is.

Most of this is an attempt to make abortion sound like it would be really horrible. They want you to think they mean for rape victims to take away something positive from the experience like a child, and that maybe this is God’s way of giving you the baby you always wanted. Aside from the lack of reality in that statement, it’s not about that at all. What this is really about, is the Bible, and what the Bible says. According to that very controversial book, men were allowed to have as many concubines as they wanted, and if a man raped a woman, oh well for her! To me, this sounds like a bunch of Bible pushers thinking in terms of thousands of years ago, rather than in 2012. Heaven forbid we should suggest that we move forward as a society and aspire to do better as a country. My stance on abortion can be read here: Apparently the Government has Ownership of my Sex Organs

I really don’t need to reinforce the disgusting quotes in that advisory chart, they are pretty vile on their own. I just want people, especially women, to understand that our rights as human beings are being attacked, and we need to fight back by going to the polls. If we elect Mitt Romney, then a Republican President and a Republican Congress will have barrels of fun making laws that will take away our rights to our bodies, we will lose pay equality, we will not have proper defense against rape, and employers may be able to refuse to hire women simply because they are women. This is not what America is about.

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