College Kills Brain Cells

I am attending a university here in Connecticut. For privacy reasons I won’t say which one. It is my first semester here, but I am noticing some increasingly irritating behaviors on the part of fellow students. For example, a huge lack of politeness.

Most people in the real world know that if someone holds a door for you, that you should say “thank you”. If this were only happening once in a while, I wouldn’t care. But several times each day, when I hold a door open for someone, they do not thank me. At first, I was hip for arguing for a thank you, but now I’ve just gotten meaner. If you don’t say ‘thank you’ or ‘thanks’ to me, I will let go of the door, and if it hits you, oh well. And I swear to God don’t you give me that argument “What if they are mute!” I highly doubt that more than 50% of this college’s population is unable to speak without sign language.

I am convinced college kills brain cells. I am so tired of people who have transferred from another college, and sit there in class talking aloud or texting. I am never surprised when I see this from freshman that are recent high school graduates. It is annoying but it makes sense, because they don’t know the college atmosphere yet. But for someone who is my age (26) to fuck around on the cell phone while my psychology professor is giving a lecture is just disrespectful to everyone in the class.

I think what infuriates me is that, if you are a taxpayer, then you have paid for their financial aid. Technically, my tax dollars have paid for my education too. Do they even understand this? Not that I think we are wasting money on people, but I wish people would be more grateful for what the American population has helped them get.

My final issue is the U-Pass. It’s an excellent invention, because now those who have it, get free rides on the city bus (CT Transit only) all days of the week, including weekends. However, there is a very clear statement on the pass which says “Valid Student ID Required”. In other words, in order to use the pass, you must show the driver your student ID. The first day of it being available some of the drivers didn’t know about the pass so they didn’t ask me and others for an ID. Then I happened to forget, and one bus driver chewed me out and several others who forgot to show their ID’s. Basically, at this point in the semester, there is NO WAY you could get on a bus without a driver asking for your ID. And what do people do? They forget to show their ID, and when asked for, they get very nasty with the bus drivers. I swear it is some sort of attitude of entitlement, and it is very irritating.

If they make this U-Pass too annoying for everyone CT Transit will eliminate it, I guarantee you that. I have dealt with CT Transit for many years, and their logic drives me up a wall. On my street, there’s a luncheon where they have outdoor seating. Sometimes we would sit on the seats while waiting for the bus, since the bus stop is only about 20 or so feet away from the luncheon. There used to be a bench beside the bus stop, and for some reason it disppeared. No one ever came outside and asked us not to sit there. I was 100% ready to get up if asked. Across the street, several characters who were customers of the bar, would hang around at these bus stops too. Characters that the bar and the luncheon complained about to CT Transit. CHARACTERS THAT THE BAR CREATED. How can you complain to someone else about a problem that you created? And then for CT Transit to eliminate five bus stops total between both sides of the street. Bus stops like the one outside the senior living apartment complex because the bar complained to CT Transit about the characters that the bar created. Somehow CT Transit thinks this is legitimate logic. So, based on their obvious stupidity, how about we stop acting like idiots and take out the stupid card with our picture on it and show it to the driver.


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