Violence Against Women Act

Here is what VAWA does:
  • Victims can call for help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline was established as part of VAWA. It currently serves over 22,000 victims a month and has taken a total of 3 million calls.
  • Law enforcement officers are trained to help victims. 500,000 law enforcement officials, judges, and prosecutors a year are trained with VAWA funding to help domestic abuse victims.
  • Partner violence and homicides fell. From the year before VAWA’s passage until 2008, the number of women being killed by partners dropped 43 percent, and partner violence against women fell 53 percent.
  • Stalking became illegal. Before VAWA, stalking was not a federal crime. The law established stalking as a felony offense.
  • Rape is rape, no exceptions. Since the passage of VAWA, each state in the United States has updated its laws so that rape by a partner is treated equally to rape by a stranger.

Source: After 18 Years, Violence Against Women Act Has Saved Countless Lives

Going back to the article and what it is about, why in the world would Republicans block the reauthorization of this law? I’ll tell you why: Because they don’t believe some rape victims deserve help. I can see why some things in this world become issues, no matter how ridiculous the logic behind the arguments is. But for Republicans to believe that some rape victims don’t deserve help after being raped?

“As a rape survivor, it infuriates me beyond belief that elected officials feel superior enough to determine which victims deserve help.  All victims deserve help.  Why is this even up for discussion?  Rape isn’t partisan.  Rape happens to Republicans.  Rape happens to the 1%.  This should not be something that is debated down party lines.”

It goes in line with what I said in my previous blog entry, “Rape Advisory Chart”. Bible pushers who don’t care if a woman is raped because the bible says they don’t have to care and women had it coming. Glad to know you let an inanimate object think for you.

VAWA has helped people like my mother, who was brutally attacked by her ex-boyfriend three years ago. Without this act, she would not have been able to get the restraining order which kept him away from her and me after the incident.

If a woman falsely reports rape, because that does sometimes happen, there is no way of knowing directly after the fact. Should a doctor be allowed to refuse a rape kit if he thinks the woman might be lying? The obvious answer to that question is no. It is the job of the police who investigate, and our court system, to determine if a rape is falsely reported. We have fair trials in place for just this reason.

Now, lets define what rape is. An unwanted sexual assault. This means, and brace yourselves because I am about to get very descriptive, that anyone who is forced into vaginal, anal or oral sex without their consent is being raped. If a man threatens to kill a woman if she won’t perform oral on him and she does so to avoid dying, that is rape. If a man forcibly penetrates a woman with a body part or object without her consent, that is rape. There is no arguing these facts and anyone who thinks that women who are victims of these acts are not deserving of help is inhuman.

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