Catholic Bishop Who Compared Obama To Hitler Orders Anti-Obama Letter Read From Pulpit

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I was discussing this with someone this morning, and what she said made a lot of sense to me. If the church has such an involvement in politics, then they are breaking the terms of “Separation of Church and State”. Therefore, they should start paying taxes.

I think, considering that if the government is not allowed to take from or give to churches, that for the church to take or give to the government makes them worthy of paying taxes. You can’t be sort of in the government, you either are in, or you are out.

Moving beyond that though, first of all, it infuriates me that a bishop in Illinois, the state that President Obama is from, is insulting him.

Secondly, lets look at the facts here: Adolf Hitler ordered and was responsible for the extermination of thousands of Jews. Hitler was beyond radicalism, he was insane. There have been accounts by a man he knew, stating that Hitler was obsessed with a young woman and shared thoughts of kidnapping and murdering her. This was during a time in his life when he was younger than I am right now. The sickest thing is that people knew he was insane, and they did nothing about it.

President Obama is creating unity with foreign countries and promoting the health and safety of women. How exactly is that like Hitler? How exactly is wanting women and the world to be safe, radical? Since you think it is radical, why are you a bishop?

If anyone has a legitimate, realistic and logical criticism of President Obama I will gladly listen to it. So far all I have heard is criticisms that border on radicalism, extremism, terrorism, anti-patriotism, racism, conspiracy theories, and ignorance. I think I made my point.

Note: I know that I am posting a lot of political topics right now, because it is very close to the election. I will be focusing on more topics outside of politics after the election.

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