Time to Focus on the Positive – Our President’s Plan

Lately news stations like CNN and MSNBC, among others, have had a grand old time focusing on the negativity of the Romney-Ryan plans. In my personal opinion it is scary stuff. Frightening enough that if he is elected, I will seriously consider leaving the United States. For a long time I was not happy in this country because the world was not happy with us, and President Obama improved our relations with foreign countries. Think of the way he, and his administration, handled the crisis in Egypt. Mubarak was asked to step down. He was not assassinated, no one was bombed, no war started. Our President avoids it as much as he possibly can. When President Obama was elected, I felt like as Americans we were moving in the right direction. Finally, we have a black President. Finally we have moved beyond the hatred. Finally we have a piece of history to teach in schools that isn’t one of the many wars America has been in. I was proud to live here again.

I want to keep that feeling. I want to stay proud because I feel like we should be able to like where we live. Our country is very technologically advanced, our medicine is advanced, our government is advanced. So many places in this world do not have what we have and they are suffering for it. Uganda, a country in central Africa, has laws against homosexuality and if people reveal their sexual orientation they can be arrested and jailed for it. In addition, gay marriage rights are the least of their worries. The kinds of hate violence they experience is much more frequent than the United States.

I think President Obama understands that the world is not America, but the entire sphere, and every human in it. At least, that is how I interpret his foreign policy record. He is probably best known for this in comparison to everything else he has done. Now, I don’t agree with everything he’s done, but when I look that the big picture, it’s not stuff that is worth getting upset over and wasting my vote on Mitt Romney. Lets understand that in the next couple of years everyone will have health care. If you are low income, you don’t have to pay for it. He gave you what you wanted, free stuff. It will be there for you if and when you need it. You can’t predict the future. You might get hit by a drunk driver. Your house might get taken away by a hurricane while you are in it. Your insurance will pay for your emergency visit. Your insurance will pay for your care after the visit. So everyone is being required to have healthcare, and so we can’t choose not to have healthcare. Is that really the worst thing in the world? Sometimes you have weigh the one negative against several positives to draw a logical conclusion – It’s not the worst thing in the world.

Mitt Romney is not going to take away or delay my education. Unlike the President, he does not want to invest in education. I will be damned if Romney gets in the way of my future. I am currently studying Early Childhood Education, in addition to two other majors, Anthropology (Linguistics) and Studio Art. I’ll be damned if he gets in the way of anyone else’s future too. I know some people who are very passionate about pursuing their career of choice, be it a teacher or an artist or a musician or a mathematician, and the idea that he would take away their chance at success is heartbreaking to me. Maybe my stance is bias because I am a teacher and therefore I value education. But even if you are not in the education field, don’t you feel awesome when you know something? So much confidence, strength, and skill comes with being educated. We have one hell of a great set of schools across the United States, and I can safely say I am in one. Because of the psychology course I am taking right now, there is so much material I can apply to the classroom and every day life. It’s amazing how much psychology plays into our lives. We now understand how our brain functions, and why. We now know why children do certain things in their development in early childhood and why. When you work with people, these are good things to know.

If you want to know more about the brain, look up Phineas Gage, he is fascinating and he gave modern science great clues into the functions of the frontal lobe and the limbic system… The frontal lobe is your “thinking brain”, and the limbic system is your brain stem, hypothalamus (thermostat), hippocampus (memory), amygdala (fear response, emotional response), and pituitary gland (master hormone gland). When you read about the brain damage he suffered, think about why it is important to know what the frontal lobe and limbic system do.

There is plenty more to know about our President’s plans and they are, in my opinion, highlighted very clearly on his website. He has mentioned these plans in all three debates, very detailed, and I think in comparison to Romney, it’s a positive thing that he has been so descriptive. Here is the link to his website: http://www.barackobama.com/plans?source=primary-nav-plan

If you think you might not make it to the polls, be it transportation, classes, work, etc, make arrangements NOW to figure out a way to get there. Vote early if applicable. If not, car pool, or take the city bus. If you are within walking distance and able to walk for an extended period of time, I say get some exercise! If you can’t get to the polls in person, then go here: http://www.longdistancevoter.org/absentee_ballots My mother is recovering from and injury that has her house bound, and my class schedule conflicts with the polling date and times (Nov. 6th). We are both doing absentee ballots. You should only do this if you are certain you will not make it to the polls in person. Lets face it, people from the past were beaten and killed because they fought for our right to vote. Do not let anyone discourage you or take it away from you because they can’t. No matter what anyone says, no matter what offensive billboard they put up, no matter what illogical law they enact, you have the right to vote and you should exercise this right.

6 Responses

  1. Interesting read – I think the effect of Superstorm Sandy and Obama’s ‘Presidential’ fortitude over the past few days will do him more good than any campaign event. Romney remains as incoherent and irrelevant on yet another issue, as usual. Check my thoughts: http://goo.gl/FNOyM

    • I agree completely. A reporter had the audacity to ask the President if he was worried that the hurricane would effect the election. The President’s response that he was only worried about how this would affect Americans was true and genuine. THAT is a President.

      Glad you enjoyed the read. Your article was wonderfully thought-out, and I think Chris Christie’s support of Obama is noteworthy, along with Condoleezza Rice. It’s good to see that there are some Republicans who are willing to think with their own brains rather than behave like fools. The behavior of Romney in regards to FEMA was outrageously offensive, and I really don’t think he gets it. Seems like he is out of touch all the time and a person like that as I have already said, is scary.

      • You’re absolutely right; Romney terrifies me. He has no foreign or domestic policy to speak of – anything he says is contradicted by a flip-flop at a later date.

        My latest prediction (goo.gl/FsfQv) was for Obama to take the electoral college with 332 votes to Romney’s 206.. I’m not quite ready to alter this forecast but I’m keeping an eye on the polls over the next few days.

        • I think Romney has absolutely no idea what he is doing, and the fact that he thinks he can even be President is just sad to me. He clearly does not understand what a President is, how presidency works, and how we effect the world.

          • Indeed – if Romney were to become President I would hope that the British Prime Minister would strongly consider the impact on us (as British citizens) of the “special relationship” and Romney’s determination to put more boots on the ground in the Middle East.

          • I think that would be very smart of the BPM, because at the end of the day, America has a very strong relationship to Great Britain, among other places in the world. There are things Obama started that Romney will destroy, and I doubt the world will stand for that. And when it comes to the Middle-east, or any part of the world, we are not authoritarians, we are authoritative. We offer diplomacy, not blindly throwing out orders and expecting them to be followed just because.

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