Reflections on the 2012 Election

I remember having political and just generally in-depth discussions with my uncle when I was much younger. Discussions where even if we disagreed, we still respected each other’s intelligence. For the first time in my life, my uncle has had the audacity to say to me, “Unfortunately you probably believe what spews out of your mouth”, in regard to my support of President Obama and my tiredness and frustration at the GOP. This is what this election has caused.

I’d like to point out that regardless of whether or not you like or just agree/disagree with President Obama, at the end of the day Republicans said and did things during this election that were vile. Things which related to women’s bodies being violated and things which violated our Constitutional right to vote.

From the disgusting comments that made rape seem like it was no big deal and stating that a rape baby is a “gift from God”, to Romney’s son being allowed to use Bain Capitol gains to buy polling machines in a swing state. Then we hear of two electronic polling machines that have the touch screens, that when people were trying to touch the Obama and Biden option, the Romney and Ryan button was lighting up instead. After the way the GOP tried to suppress the vote with the voter ID laws, after those filthy billboards went up in predominately black neighborhoods in Ohio, I’m really not surprised they tried to steal the vote. This is not a matter of a couple of machines just needing to be re-calibrated. I am intelligent enough to notice when people try to do things they aren’t supposed to be doing, like stealing the vote. You can call it blind belief in what Democrats say. You can say Democrats are misleading us all you want to. At the end of the day, Democrats called Republicans out to explain themselves and as Rachael Maddow put it, some very creepy things came out of Republicans’ mouths. Who do you think is accountable for saying those creepy things?

I also want to remind any of you who voted for Romney, that the kinds of people who support him are those like Rush Limbaugh, who once called Michelle Obama a slut. So before you dare to call our President a liar, a nigger, an idiot, or insult the First Family, you had better make sure your own house is in order. In other words, make sure you aren’t a Republican who supports trash like Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.

I think my most enjoyable moment last night while watching the Rachael Maddow Show, was seeing that Carl Rove had spent all of that money on all of those Republican candidates, some of which being Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, (“The female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down” and rape babies are a “gift from God”) and others, all LOST. ALL OF THEM. And do you know why they lost? Because of the disgusting crap that came out of their mouths, and we decided we wanted 20 women in the Senate who would be better equipped to decide whether or not abortion should remain legal.

As my darling cousin put it, when her son asked her why women weren’t allowed to vote at one point in history, “because men were in charge and they were stupid”. We’ve just about had it with men telling us what to do, because they suck at it.

That leads me to why I voted for President Obama. During the primary in 2007 (or 2008), I was supporting Hillary Clinton. I was very upset when she lost the primary, but I understood why. I was not as happy with her campaign as I could have been, and Obama won that primary fair and square. It took a little while for him to grow on me, simply because I was upset over losing Clinton. Then I looked at the bigger picture: Not only do we have a shot at electing the first black President, but we are not just electing him, we are electing his family. If you think that Michelle Obama is just there, you have another thing coming. The President whole-heartedly acknowledges that the reason why he became President is because of Michelle. She is a very strong and powerful woman, and he knows it. They are the family that I want to represent Americans.

There are other reasons why I voted for Obama. His stance on gay marriage, abortion, immigration and education, for starters. This is not just about my future but for the future of every American. As he put it, we are not red states or blue states, white or black, rich or poor, gay or straight, we are Americans and everyone in this country deserves a chance to make it because our differences unite us. If you can’t understand that then you don’t know what America is really about.

The world loves President Obama. So many countries around the world have congratulated him for his victory. He has built great relationships across the globe and he has done it with class, integrity and leadership. Back in 2007 I was able to see Whoopi Goldberg live at Southern CT State University. She had mentioned that she didn’t believe a nice guy could get elected as President. I have much respect for her, but President Obama proved her wrong.


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