This Christmas

This Christmas, I feel like I should be honest with people. As most of you have probably figured out over the last few years, I am Atheist and plan to stay that way. Before you question why I celebrate Christmas, just remember that Atheism is the disbelief in God(s). I believe in the soul, but I do not believe in God, or a “heaven”.

I look around at the way the world works, and what happens to people I know, and people I don’t know. It is very hard for me to believe in a “God” when I can see my greatest personal fear being lived out by someone close to me. What did 20 children and 6 teachers do that made God feel they needed to die?

I am not thankful for God. I am not thankful for religion. I am not going to turn Christmas into this event where we hoard gifts and money and go churchy to make ourselves look good. This is a time to be thankful for my family members who have always stuck by me. For my mother, who loves me unconditionally, who’s love will never change. For my boyfriend, Wesley, who takes me as I am. For my best friend, Christina, who knows more about me than anyone else, and vice versa. For all of my other friends, Milly, Eric, Bullseye, Raquel, Chris, Tricia, Gertrude, Rosey, Nisha, and everyone else, who treat me like a human being. You are what Christmas is really about.

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