Pro-Gay Marriage Rant at 1 am

Yes my bisexuality has everything to do with gay-rights. I’m not just fighting for the rights of others but for my rights as well. Sure, as of right now I have a boyfriend, and as far as I know, that relationship is going to last for the rest of our lives unless something changes. But if something does change, I want people to respect my right to love another person, be that person a man or a woman. I want people to respect my right to express my love for another person through marriage.

It is unconstitutional to create anti-gay marriage laws because they are based on ideological notions which do not apply to Americans as a whole. We Americans are not made up of only white Christian families with 2.5 kids. We are single parents, gay parents, black families, white families, black/Asian families, white/Hispanic families, and much more. We are human beings.

I care about the stability of any family, no matter what the dynamic is. I care in the sense that I want families to remember that they love each other, and that that is most important, no matter who they are or where they are from. There is no difference between the love that a man and woman have for each other, and the love that a man has for a man and the love a woman has for a woman. Judging someone’s livelihood and saying they cannot marry another person based on your religious beliefs is oppressive, insensitive and immoral. I guarantee you, that God does not want to you think low of, hate, oppress or limit the rights of another human being. God wants you to be the opposite of that. God wants you to help people be happy, healthy and free.

Happy, healthy relationships are the ones where you can enjoy each other’s company by walking down the sidewalk together holding hands. Happiness is falling asleep and waking up beside the person you love. Happiness is telling that person how much you love them and how important they are to you. Happiness is sharing your body with that person, and that person only. Happiness is enduring whatever hardships your partner may face. Happiness is adding children to your family by way of conception or adoption. Happiness is standing up for each other no matter what happens and never allowing someone to hurt the feelings of who you love. This kind of happiness is true for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Happiness sometimes looks like this too:



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