Watermelon Trap!

All right look, I very much support and adore our President and the First Family. I love that they represent this country. I have to admit, when I saw Jennifer Olsan’s photo of the watermelon under the cardboard box trap, I chuckled. I know I shouldn’t, but I did. I think before we begin flipping out over this photo, we need to understand two things: Though I don’t laugh at it anymore because the humor died very quickly, it was intended to be funny to certain kinds of people. People who can see humor in everything, people who do not like the President or agree with him, and people who are racist.
Is it okay to make race related jokes? I think it is, depending on the context and the people you say the joke to. Like, my friend Wesley and his younger brother can have a good laugh over making fun of walk signals because of the “races” they accidentally represent. Some people may not find that funny, but we do.
When George W. Bush was President (watch as I cringe) I made fun of him all the time. There are people who frown on that and I understand why but he was a fucking dumbass… oh sorry! Nevermind. There is cruelty, and then there is humor. I think we need to get off our high horses a bit and learn to tell the difference. How is this watermelon trap any different than the way we’ve made fun of Marco Rubio for his awkward water bottle sip during his rebuttal? It’s not different at all. So before we whine and complain about a joke, funny or not, we need to make sure our own houses are in order. You either learn to laugh and unclench your tuckus (I almost said asscheeks but I don’t want to swear to much… oh sorry! Nevermind.), or you don’t make fun of any politician ever for the rest of your life. Okay?

2 Responses

  1. Did people make fun of George W because he was an idiot or did they imply that he was an idiot because he was white? The two aren’t the same. The watermelon trap photo was based on a racial stereotype and is thus completely different from your normal run of the mill “George Bush is a dumbass” type joke.

    • I’m pretty sure that some people implied he was an idiot because he’s white. Regardless, I think we need to also understand that Caucasians don’t get the same stereotyping that other races get. Pretty soon though, people will be popping out of the woodwork with jokes about Marco Rubio and lawnmowers.

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