2/24/13 – 3/2/13: Vacation from Facebook

You may or may not be aware that in addition to my community page which I use to promote my books, I also have a personal facebook page for family and friends. I have 71 friends consisting of family members (that I can get along with, lol), internet friends (mostly living overseas), some people from high school and some of my best friends that I met through college.

After watching the documentary “Disconnected” I was slightly moved by the idea. Three students, two men and one woman, decided to go for three weeks without using any computers. Not just their personal computers, but computers at the college campus, library computers, computers at their job for their time-cards, and one of the guys even shut off his cell phone.

During the first week they were pretty light-hearted about it. One guy got really skilled at ping-pong, they all got really good at Pac-Man, and the woman started doing her homework! Over time though, they all became extremely frustrated by their inability to use an electronic typewriter (It actually annoys me when people from my generation cannot use a typewriter. It’s easier than a computer, trust me).

This got me thinking. I like facebook too much. I spend too much time on there and 90% of what I post is never liked or commented on. I usually spend most of my time commenting and liking what my friends and various pages have posted. Sometimes what I see on facebook makes it onto my wordpress blog, which is then posted to my facebook wall. So that is like doubling back or something…

That means that since I did not change the settings which connect my wordpress blog to facebook, that this blog post will go up on my wall. I can’t fix it now because that would mean using facebook. So I can either not write this which will drive me insane because I have to write my thoughts in whatever context I feel they are appropriate for. Or I can go on facebook and cheat and give up and if you know me you know I like a challenge.

What really made me do this though, aside from the documentary and the need to chill out from facebook for a bit, is the fact that my friend Eric got mad at me because I misinterpreted something he wrote. I really thought something was wrong and it turned out he was just dorking out about some song lyrics. Prior to that my friend Chris (notice how only the guys get annoyed with me…) issued me a “quota” because of the number of likes and comments I gave his pictures from a trip he had taken. Now, most people would be like, “But that is what facebook is for!” Okay, well, look at this from his perspective:

Alexandra Nofi liked…

Alexandra Nofi liked…

Alexandra Nofi commented…

Alexandra Nofi commented…

Alexandra Nofi liked…

Alexandra Nofi commented…

That’s annoying. Not to me but to some people that is annoying. With some of my friends, who live overseas, commenting a lot makes sense. But why start a facebook conversation with Chris when I can oh I dunno, have a normal FACE TO FACE conversation? Ya know, normal human interaction! The same goes for Eric, he lives in the same city as me and he’s only a bus ride away. I have his phone number. I know I am welcome at his apartment so there is NO reason why we can’t hang out with each other. Basically, when it comes to facebook, I am really fucking obnoxious. Really. (I’m not a person who makes myself unwelcome at someone’s house. Usually, if I feel unwelcome it’s because you have a family member who is very rude).

Another reason to take a break from facebook is because I recently went through a lousy break up, on Valentine’s Day, of all days. I am not as upset as I was but considering that my now ex-boyfriend is using facebook, on my friends list, and posting occasionally, I just want a break from him too. My first inclination upon seeing him in any context is to “fix” things when in reality they have been so broken for so long that it would not be worth it. He’ an excellent best friend, but not a boyfriend.

My thoughts so far are that it feels good not to be on there so much. I feel less bored. And I realized that facebook is pretty boring. It wasn’t getting in the way of my homework since I do most of my homework on campus, but it is giving me a chance to focus on other things, like that manuscript I want to start writing soon.

So, I won’t see you guys on facebook until next Sunday and I am curious to see how many notifications I will have or if I even feel like checking them all depending on the volume. How many things could 71 people possibly post?


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