Rape Culture

Before I begin, lets eliminate the word “culture”. Rape is rape is rape. We don’t need to attach other words to it to describe what it is. Furthermore, rape is not to be spoken of so lightly as if it is a normal thing that happens in every day life. There is nothing normal about a person forcing someone to have violent, disgusting sex with them.

What happened to that moment when you had been dating someone for a while and felt so comfortable with them that you share each other’s bodies and it was the best feeling in the world? What made becoming comfortable with another person “wrong”, and raping another person the “right” way to go?

I ask these questions because rape is now becoming as common and expected as a mass shooting. We talk about people who are raped as though they deserved it. As though they wanted it. As though it is okay to rape someone if they are drunk, high, or dressed a certain way. Rape is no longer something bad in the eyes of conservatives and the media. Instead, it has become a way of life.

Rape is especially frightening because it can happen to anyone. I could be raped by a complete stranger, or be raped by someone I start dating. Husbands can rape their wives. This makes the idea of dating again not so comfortable when it comes to meeting people through the internet or even in person. According to a recent survey, 35% of the men who completed the survey said they would rape a woman if they thought they could get away with it. I think the number is higher.

We must destroy rape culture. To do this, we must first do better by our children. Our little boys and girls need to realize very early on that they must respect another person. They must cherish another person. They must not hurt another person. We don’t have to give them every horrifying detail about the world, but we can certainly give them every detail about how to love. Rape culture ends when we invest in our future.


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