What Do We Do Next?

If you live in New Haven, CT, you may have heard of the homicide that took place at the deli near Saint Raphael’s Hospital on Friday night. That was one of my closest friend’s older brother.

Upon reading the comments in response to the internet article he shared on his Facebook page, I was sickened by the childishness and complete disregard for the fact that this young man who was murdered has family members who are very upset. There are circumstances regarding these two brothers that these people do not know. How dare they.

It amazes in a very negative way how guns can effect people. First of all, this man is chased and gunned down. My friend and his family mourn. Everyone my friend knows, including me, we mourn. The people I know, and the people his friends and our mutual friends know, they mourn too if they hear about it. People who read the newspaper will mourn. It spreads like a black wildfire that consumes everything all at once. And then we scream in terror.

This is the fifth time in my life that myself and people I know have been effected by a gun. I am frustrated, but most of all, I am tired. I am tired of crying, knowing other people are crying, of my friends being hurt, of parents burying their children, and the fact that we act like it is a part of American culture. Please explain to me how shooting a young man to death is cultural.

Now we are faced with the question of what will we do next. How do we move on when it could be any of us at any moment? Something for you to think about.


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