To be human in one’s eyes means to aspire to achieve a greater sense of oneself. Not necessarily better, but wiser. To understand that the world and the people within it function a certain way, and are more fragile than one realizes. To understand that one is part of the people, part of the world, and just as fragile.

Fragility comes with hardship. The kinds of hardships like being dehumanized, loving people unconditionally, and pouring energy onto a dying plant even though one’s watering can no longer has water in it. What does one do when the can is empty? Find a new source of water, and pour it on oneself.

Hardship is different for everyone and creates a multitude of emotions that usually make more problems than solutions. In the end, those who fall prey to grief will lash out at the ones they need most. They will use people like yo-yos; bouncing the individual from hand to floor time and time again. Human beings are not toys, or band-aids for a person’s emotional disturbances. They exist to help someone they care about get through the roughest parts of their life. They are the other perspective; the ones who have the empathy to understand what someone is going through.

Those who aspire to be greater must look outside of the nightmare. They need to determine what they want, how to ask for it and when to ask for it. They must be fair. They cannot claw at people for attention or affection, then make a complete u-turn and push those same people away. This is not healthy for either party and it makes the hardships even harder. It creates a dangerous animosity, because when the person needs their loved ones most, they might not be around.

Another aspect of aspiration is to understand one’s place in the world. How does one person stack up to another? Does each individual have a unique future that is totally different from everyone else’s future? The answer is no. All existences end the same way. Death is the only thing in the universe which is guaranteed. To spend every waking moment preparing or thinking about dying, to give up on oneself or others because they might die someday, is both lonely and unwise. Not making peace with death, but understanding its purpose in the world is the ultimate form of aspiration for greatness.

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  1. Your words touched me. Do you mean it?..Has the animosity ceased? Hardship doesn’t create fragility, it strengthens. Fragility comes from being hurt. Forgiveness heals and allows two to face more hardships together growing ever stronger.

    • The other day I was reading a quote by Bill Cosby. He was speaking on how tired he is. I realized that everything he is tired of, are things I have been tired of most of my life. Cosby is 83. My body may be 26, but my mind is nearly 20 years older than yours. When you reach my age, you don’t try to make amends, move on or forgive. You learn to let go.

      The man that I wrote this about, someday he will be lying in a hospital bed paralyzed, and he will still be more of a man than you.

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