The Choices Children Don’t Have

Looking back on the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, as well as the recent jury picking of the Trayvon Martin murder trial, one thing comes to mind: Our children don’t get to make choices. Children cannot choose what parents they have. They cannot choose where they live. They cannot choose what society thinks of them. They cannot choose to live tomorrow.

A large number of people believe that gun control violates the second amendment. When did the choice to own a gun take priority over a child’s choice to stay alive? Because you think it is in the Constitution? The second amendment was designed in a time when the American government needed to rally up gun owners to act as a military reserve to “battle” Native Americans for their land. We don’t do things like that in today’s society, certainly not to the degree of mass murder. Or do we?

As an American, I find gun ownership to be unusual, bizarre and certainly not a priority. Someone I spoke to about this recently, asked me why I dare to call myself an American if I am against gun violence. Real Americans want the country to be in a better state than it once was. Real Americans want children to be safe, and to stay alive to further the legacy of keeping this country better than it once was. Perhaps this person was too brainwashed by the military to understand the concept of forward thinking. Maybe it was his feeling of hopelessness, that violence will never totally stop so why bother trying?

Violence begets violence. The refusal to prevent violence, is far more destructive.

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