What Women Want From Men

Women vary from one to another as far as personalities are concerned, but when it comes to what we want from men, we are not that different from each other. I’ve compiled a list of several things women look for in men, and I think they are things which are realistic and appropriate to expect from men.

1. Don’t complicate things. Women are NOT drama queens. We don’t like to fight over men, material things, or have intense emotional outbursts. Those reactions are because your behavior, not the cause of it. If you cheat on me, it shouldn’t surprise you when I throw a wine bottle at your head. If you don’t cheat on me, I won’t have a reason to flip out on you.

2. Don’t be superficial. Trying too hard to impress a woman by grasping your belt or crotch, being over-animated, or slipping sex innuendos into a conversation are turn-offs and make you look ridiculous. There is nothing masculine about a man who acts like someone that he isn’t. We want you for the person that you truly are.

3. Space. Women need a different amount of space than men. Every woman is a bit different about how much space she needs. Men that are super clingy and start suggesting marriage and children within a couple of weeks after dating are too intense and a little bizarre. Men who have high expectations of a future with a woman can also be intimidating.

4. Respect for our bodies. Women often receive mixed information about what their bodies are capable of, which can make sex a very uncomfortable experience, even if it isn’t the first time. Understand that if a woman isn’t feeling it tonight, it’s because she might not be feeling totally comfortable with her body. It is your job as a man to work with her on that, and lend an ear if she wants to talk about it. Women usually will discuss this with other women, however. (Tip: Don’t ask other men about a woman’s body. Men are no better educated about the female body than women are).

5. Food and drink. Women like to eat well. You don’t have to be a professional chef or even cook. But we like it when a man cooks, especially if he does it well. Baking is 100% acceptable; not all baked food is cakes or pies or pastries. Taking a woman to great place to eat is a wonderful treat. You don’t have to do it for every single date, but at least once or twice a year.

6. Let women pay for breakfast, lunch or dinner if they were the ones who asked you out. Believe it or not, it makes a woman feel absolutely wonderful when she knows that a man respects her ability to make money. But paying for a meal, or even a movie, is also a genuinely kind gesture, and should be received as such. To say a woman can’t pay, ever, makes it look like she can’t do something, and that is very rude. It is just as hard for women to believe they cannot do something, as it is for men.

7. Manage your body hair. I like beards, when they are well trimmed and clean. Body hair is natural but I don’t want to run my hands through your thick, curly, back hair in the middle of the night. If I have to shave my armpits, legs, upper lip, chin, between my legs and other regions, then you ought to do it too. Body hair can gross out women just as much as it can gross out men. We like smooth skin.

8. Creativity. This comes in many forms. Creative dates are always a blast, and make you more appealing in the long term. Creativity in bed is also very important. Women can get bored during sex if you only do one thing every single time you get in bed. Sure, it works for you, but she doesn’t get to feel any pleasure. That doesn’t mean that you have to run off to the nearest toy shop and pick up some vibrating beast with three or more attachments to it, but trying something new or asking her what she’d like to do or what she fantasizes about, makes for excellent intimacy.

9. Don’t define a woman by society’s expected gender roles. Women don’t like to be trapped in the idea that they can only be one way. Women are not baby producers. If you want a real woman, be prepared for her to want to wait a long time before getting married or having children. Marriage is mutual, but giving birth is not. Men don’t have the power to carry a child, and while some women take pride in having babies, others are not interested in it, mainly because it sucks the life out of us. Literally.

10. We want you to bring out the best in us. A man should have a profound and healthy affect on a woman’s life, and she should do the same for him. If you feel like you can be you around a woman, and if she can be herself around you and not be criticized for it, then you are a great man.

11. Communication skills. It is perfectly fine to speak up about something that is on your mind. We do it all the time. You don’t have to be an emotional mess, but if something bothers you, say so. If you aren’t comfortable saying so, let us know that, and that you want to talk, but not right now. At least you are being honest, and we have been put on notice. Your feelings matter to us, just as much as we want them to matter to you. When we vent, we don’t want a solution unless we directly ask for one. Most of the time we want you to listen.

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