How I feel about being bisexual.

Well, I don’t feel much of anything to be honest with you.

As often as people made fun of me for my somewhat masculine attitude, and the fact that I wore a lot of pants as a kid (as if I was the only girl in my schools who wore pants), it never really occurred to me until I reached my early twenties that people hated me because they thought I was a lesbian. I wasn’t out of touch, I just, for lack of a better term, didn’t give a shit.

I stand for marriage equality. I deserve my Constitutional right to marry a woman. But you won’t see me parading down the street shouting about how proud I am of my sexuality. For me personally, I don’t need to do that. It doesn’t mean I have a problem with anyone else who does, because we all have to express ourselves differently and do what we are comfortable with doing. I am normal. I literally sit back and think sometimes, “You got your panties all bunched up your ass, for that?” As John Hammond would say, I suffer from a deplorable excess of personality, and my sexuality is a very minute part of that personality.

It has been argued that I feel so little about being attracted to women because it is easy for me to just go with a man whenever I feel like it. Uh, have you met me? It is very easy for me to hang out with men as friends. The number of men I’ve seriously considered worth dating, I can count on one hand. I’m not particularly weak for men, and I don’t fall back on them when the going gets tough. There aren’t many men, who can hold a woman up when she leans on him.

Lets just say I’m cooler than everybody else cause I know how to appreciate both genders.


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