Can Whites Be Oppressed by Racism?

The general consensus it that white people have the easiest lives in the world because of white privilege. White privilege is a real problem that requires a real, intelligent solution. However, that does not mean that the white privilege attitude is not a form of racism. Thinking you can get anything you want is just as bad as thinking you can’t have anything at all.

White privilege has been passed down from generation to generation. White children are taught to expect hand-outs, easy access to jobs, and easy access to money. This attitude can lead to a refusal to be held accountable for their actions, a refusal to work for what they want, and a refusal to fix their own problems. Whites have it very easy, and that does not help our society improve.

In addition to white privilege, we have parents teaching their children to hate. We have white supremacists protected by the right to free speech who invade us with their hatred. Do not disregard society’s views of each race, but understand this – it effects everyone, no matter what color you are.

A white person has every right to be offended if someone calls someone else a nigger, or a Ching Chong, or a towelhead, or any other vile name. No one should allow these things to continue easily, and more people should disapprove of their usage.


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