College brings women closer to sin. What?

Please read this article first:

Yes, he really did just say that. I know, I was left speechless too. This kind of insane and ignorant behavior is one of several reasons why I left Catholicism and migrated to Atheism.

“Is a degree worth the loss of your daughter’s purity, dignity, and soul?” I’ll just let that float there for a second.

My answer to that question is yes. If being intelligent makes me impure, undignified and soulless, then you bet your ass I want a degree! I would rather be well-educated, than a woman without an identity. The more we know, the more there is to who we are.

Women may be designed by nature to give birth, but that is not the only thing we are designed to be. We are artists, writers, friends, business owners, heroes, teachers, doctors, scientists and above all else, human beings. Any man who would dare say a woman is worth no more than baring children is not a good man. He is unworthy of a woman’s time, and certainly incapable of being a father who would respect and cherish his daughter.

Alleman’s arguments are not meant to protect young women. They are meant to oppress young women. To keep young women “in line” so that they never excel above a man. In truth, Alleman, and man like him, are simply insecure about themselves, and rather than work to make themselves better people, they’d rather bring other people down.

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