I am taking a level 200 composition course at Southern CT State University (SCSU). There are two things I have noticed about this class:

1. The majority of men sit on the left side of the room, and the majority of women sit on the right side of the room.

2. The population of the left side of the room is white. The population of the right side of the room is black.

There is a color line and a gender line right down the middle of this classroom. I don’t believe it was intentional, but driven by the subconscious. Tomorrow I am going to sit on the left side of the room. I am curious to see if people will ask me why I moved. I am even more curious to see how people will react when I explain that I moved because of these lines.

While we are on the subject of gender and lines, let’s talk about the human brain. Instinctually, women and men do not think the same way. Simply put, our brains are wired very differently. Women are natural communicators of ideas, emotions and tasks. Men are driven by their ability to take orders, and move in a straight line. Why do you think this is? Here’s my logic: in every day society, we see men in large groups, all working to get one big prize, often times, to please a woman. Women can and will be social, and they use communication skills far more than men. However, women are also skilled at being alone, or seeking out companionship with an individual. In other words, a woman tells Man #1 to go to get A, Man #2 to go get B, and Man #3 to go get C. This is a linear pathway for the male brain, so Man 1, 2, and 3 all go carry out these tasks. By nature, humans are a matriarchal species.

Clearly human societies and cultures do not behave like we are matriarchal. This could explain why we have so many wars, starving and dead children, and religion. I firmly believe that as the human brain and societies developed, men started getting their feelings hurt because they were being told what to do by women. Their feelings were so hurt, they needed to create religion and the ideals within religion to make women the enemies. Women were in their way, and they needed to oppress them so that they could be “on top”. This age-old logic is no different than chattel slavery.


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