This is who I am.

I want you to answer two questions for me, on my facebook page:

1. Why did you like my facebook page?
2. Why don’t you comment, like, or share anything that is posted on the page?

A huge shoutout to James Jardim, and he knows why đŸ™‚

This is who I am not:

1. I am not dirty.
2. I am not Dumbo.
3. I am not an idiot.
4. I am not ugly.
5. I am not queer, a faggot, or a nigger.
6. I am not weird.
7. I am not a child.

This is who I am:

1. I am an artist.
2. I am a human being.
3. I am an author.
4. I am a friend.
5. I am love.
6. I am a woman.
7. I am a daughter, a niece, a cousin, and a godmother.
8. I am bisexual.
9. I am Italian, Irish, English, Nigerian, French, German.
10. I am proud.
11. I am a gastronome.
12. I am bilingual.
13. I am studying for my Bachelor’s in Studio Art.
14. I love reptiles.

I challenge you to comment on, like and share posts from my facebook page. I have endured hell throughout my life, I have worked hard and I believe the time has come that I deserve respect and recognition for being a human. I demand it.

A link to my facebook page:

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