First Earth

All worlds are made of the balance of nature. In the human world, individuals make up species which work together to create a network. But in another world, the balance is maintained by four governors. Their existence and willpower ensures that the parts of the world they govern will remain intact. But take a governor away, and the continuous circle breaks, then the world slowly crumbles into chaos.

This world has a deep connection with Earth so powerful that four human souls continuously live generation after generation. These humans aren’t aware that they are the human equivalents to the four governors of this other world. When Seria, the governor born of fire, is murdered, her human equivalent is summoned by her best friend, Melly. Without Ethne, the balance cannot be maintained, Seria will remain dead, and since this is a one-way trip, he has no choice but to help.

Ethne picks up a group of damaged and lovable characters to embark on a journey with him across the world. Melly acts as a guide. Arake, a fire-spitting snake takes on a maternal role. Seef, a new woman trapped in an old society, and her estranged sister Koo share their struggles. They stay together because they know without them, the world cannot exist.

October 3rd, 2014.


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