Dignified Black People

Wanda Sykes did a joke a while back and I’d like you to watch it:

I do feel like we can rest easy a little bit. Things are a lot better than they once were. But there’s just one thing I cannot handle… PULL YOUR PANTS UP.

Have a little dignity. I don’t care if you think “saggin” is your backwards lingo for identifying your “niggas”, or if you know and don’t care that wearing your pants low originated in jail and means you want anal sex. Your underwear, leg warmers, bare skin, is something I do not need to see. Have some self respect when you walk down the street. Do you even understand that walking down the street with your pants down is indecent exposure?

Understand that the way you present yourself doesn’t speak for the entire black community, but it does speak for you. Maybe you do want to look “gangsta” and “thug”. Maybe you think this saggy pants routine is part of living in the projects, the ghetto, poor neighborhoods and thus some sort of African American culture, well I got news for you, it isn’t. Do you really want to immortalize a “style” that came from jail?

I used to tell you guys to pull your pants up, and that doesn’t work anymore because your response is to lower them. How childish do you have to be? Do you really think I’m trying to suppress your blackness? Look, I get that people need solidarity and to rebel, fight the machine/power and I do that a lot, but pulling your pants down and signaling your homies for anal sex is not the way to do it. There are thousands of other ways you can freely express yourself, that won’t impact your dignity.


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