Artists are Ruthless

I am a student at Southern CT State University. In the time I’ve spent in their art program, I’ve met some wonderful people and made friends who I think are the types of people I want to surround myself with. I’ve also formed great professional relationships to many professors, teachers of art and other subjects. Unfortunately, I’ve also run into a few individuals who are cut-throat monsters.

I enjoy sharing my art on facebook, because that is where my friends are and my page is private. I usually have a story related to each painting I do, and I like to share that story. I just unfriended a student fro my painting class because I can’t trust her. Here’s why:

Throughout this Spring semester she has repeatedly tried to undermine my intelligence. I am not five years old. I’ve been painting, drawing, sculpting, etc for over 20 years and I know a few things. I’m self taught to an extent; most of what I know I learned in art programs and college. When you start comparing yourself to other artists, you stop growing as an artist.

I think she is insecure, because otherwise she wouldn’t need to copy my ideas. For example, our final assignment is to create a still life with objects that have a meaning to us (in other words a self portrait). I said I wanted to paint books and knick-knacks, and now that’s what she wants to do. There are other things she has copied, this isn’t the only instance. It’s one thing to be inspired by an artist, and it’s another thing to be so ruthlessly competitive. I get it – you’re grade is suffering, because of the choices you made and now you are desperate. Well too bad sweetheart, because it’s time to be a grown-up, and college is where the big kids play.

Art can be a multitude of things. A hobby/craft, lifestyle and/or a business. If you treat other artists like your enemies, like they are your competition for success, then you aren’t ready to make art your career choice. You won’t sell your art by pissing off everyone around you, you’ll just ruin your reputation and ruin other opportunities, like collaboration. Granted, I’m not nice to people because I see other artists as business opportunities; I do it because people deserve to be treated nice. But I damn sure won’t shoot myself in the foot.

Ideas should only be shared with people you trust, plain and simple.

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