I found a hole in vegan logic.

I can’t stand that “smarter way” that people talk about. How they think it’s smarter to not eat anything that has a mother or a face.

There’s nothing smart about not understanding nature’s concept of predator and prey. We don’t eat things for the sake of eating. We eat other animals to recycle them. Nature does not eliminate things. The nutrients from the food animals eat goes through their bodies, and out, and I’m sure you can imagine what the out is.

Animals in slaughter houses are not pets – that’s why they’re in slaughter houses. I know what goes on in these places, and what types of people work in these places. Do you really think happy go lucky people would work a job where they kill livestock every day?

Going back to the mother or a face logic… This is not smart. Every living thing on this planet has a mother. Even those micro-organisms on your food may reproduce asexually but they also have mothers. In that sense, it’s inevitable you’ll eat something with a mother no matter what you do. The best part is, plants have genders, and they have sex. Trees are female, because they bare fruit containing seeds which make them ovaries. Flowers are male because their pollen fertilizes the seeds in the fruit. Plants may not have faces, but they do have mothers, so based on your logic you should be starving yourself to death.

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