Pill Poppers and Other Drugs

This is not so much an anti-drug rant as it an anti-pill-poppers-on-the-city-bus-rant.

There is a good-sized group of people, most from Derby (CT), who like to exchange pills and other drugs at bus stops and on the bus as well. Aside from the obvious fact that I’ve seen their exchanges in broad daylight, I also know they are popping pills because they transition from sleepy-time to hyperactive in 0.1 seconds.

Now I can tolerate the people who hang around downtown in New Haven and smoke pot in the kiosk because they don’t start shit with anyone and they mind their own business. But damn, deal your fucking pills and crack somewhere else, like at home, behind closed doors where no one is watching.

The worst part about this group is their lack of self control. The ring leader of this group is ornery. If you so much as look her way and she feels like it’s the wrong way, she’ll get up in your face about it. Very few people in this world can intimidate me. But this woman I avoid with every ounce of my being. Once she gets into a fight she can’t stop, to the point where a whole pack of people will have to drag her away. What’s sad is she used to be nice to everyone, she had friends, and now she’s lost so much weight her skin has broken out and the only people who want to be around her are her fellow pill poppers.

Did I mention all of the people in this group are white? Except for one, she’s Hispanic. I think they think it makes them badass. They pick fights with each other, scream and yell, etc, because they think they have a right to do it. And here’s the kicker for anyone who wants to associate black people with drugs: The only thing that any black person deals on the New Haven green is pot. I don’t smoke pot but I know it’s not exactly a hardcore, dangerous drug. Any other sales are cigarettes and bootlegs. So by all means tell me how bad black people are bad for society…

It’s gotten to the point where I cannot sit comfortably on the city bus without loud, obnoxious people starting shit with other people. I’m about to get an MP3 player because I need to be able to tune it out. Half the bus drivers ignore it, and even though the other half kicks the pill poppers off the bus, they still know there’s a 50% chance they won’t get in trouble. This is the only affordable transportation I have access to, so I don’t have other options besides ones which are very expensive.

CT Transit needs to develop better rules about who can and cannot ride the bus, if they haven’t already. Drivers should be trained to spot anyone who is intoxicated and not let them on the bus. Basic public safety is all I’m asking for here, it’s as simple as that.


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