Feminism is a Fancy Word for Sexism

Here’s the problem with American society: We spend so much time and effort on discussing and fixing the problems that women face. Doing so undermines the problems that men face daily, and makes it seem like women are the only victims on this planet. Throw feminists into the mix, who will bash women for wearing dresses and make-up, bully men but expect respect in return, and we have to wonder, who is the real bully here? The amount of times I’ve been bullied by a man, I can count on a couple of hands at best. The amount of times I’ve been bullied by a woman… I lost count a long time ago. Men tell women to be more feminine, and women tell women to be more masculine. My response to that is, I’ll do whatever and live however I damn well feel like living. Period.

I don’t think we understand just how demeaning it is to women as a whole, when we repeatedly tell the world that we are victims. That doesn’t mean that sexism, rape, pro-lifers don’t exist. But if you hear that men are out to get you every single day, all day long, that you have fewer opportunities, fewer rights, fewer pay, it doesn’t feel very good, does it? Awareness of a problem has never done anything to fix a problem. Perhaps the right women who support women stepping up to the plate as leaders, and being voted into office will be more effective.

The news doesn’t like to report on it, but men and women have similar problems. Men have to have big muscles and penises. Women have to have large breasts and butts. If a man is abused by a woman, then it’s his fault for not being man enough to stop it. If a woman is abused by a man, then it’s her fault because she did something to deserve it. Men have to bring home the bacon, pay the bills, have a nice car, have a high-paying job, and regularly prove that they are a man by doing “manly” things. Women have to raise the kids, clean the house, cook dinner, wear make-up, and dress up. There is equal pressure on both sides from both sexes to be a certain way, otherwise you are a failure to society as a whole. That’s a frightening and dangerous notion, that you fail at being a part of society. This is the concept which was used to institutionalize people with disabilities, and women during the Victorian period. This is how Jim Crow laws were made.

That being said, I believe in women who can be astronauts, presidents/world leaders, athletes in all sports, construction workers, firefighters, police officers, and being good people. I also believe in empowering men to do the same things, but most importantly, being good people. Respect is a two way street, and if you don’t give it, you won’t get it. Bottom line ladies, if you treat a man like shit, he does not owe you respect. Or as Whoopi Goldberg said in response to THIS video, “If you slap a man, don’t be surprised if you get slapped back.” What angers me most about this video, is that no one appeared to defend this man. So being a man who has to “act manly” automatically makes him less worthy of respect, space and safety? A woman who was being taunted and assaulted by three men probably would have been defended by at least one person on that subway car.

When it comes to empowering both sexes, the idea of strength and what makes a man or woman strong, is severely skewed. Superheroes, for example, are often men like Thor or Hercules, who are your basic “jock” personalities. They have the physical strength to take down giant monsters, but as you’ve seen in many Marvel films, Thor hits things, and when that doesn’t work, he hits it again. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. That is the ultimate weakness, to be a slave to what society expects of you as a man. Physical strength is fine and dandy, but a man who doesn’t think for himself, doesn’t respect other people, doesn’t take steps to educate himself about his craft and the world, is a weak man.

The other skew is a female character who’s primary attribute is beating the living hell out of other characters. That is NOT a strong woman. I don’t have anything against women studying martial arts, especially given my background in studying self defense. My character is not all about how hard I can punch someone else. This is why I admire Wae Ming-na’s character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., who is a strong martial artist, but also a profoundly emotional character. Women are usually stereotyped negatively for showing emotion (as are men), but Ming-na is able to portray anger, sadness, love, regret, humor, and many other emotions which make us human. That’s the point, after all, that we are all human beings no matter our gender.

Sadly, we probably will never get rid of sexism completely. But we can certainly stop attacking people for who they are. A prime example is attacking men who are gay, because they aren’t “man enough”. I say, if you are genetically born male, then you are a man. Nothing in this world, not your clothes, your personality, your race, anything, can change your genetics. Doing things that hurt other people will certainly garner disrespect, but that doesn’t make you less of a man or woman, that just means that you’ve hurt a lot of people and karma has had a field day with you. In short, if you want sexism to stop, stop being sexist.

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