Frequently Asked Questions that You Should Stop Asking Me

I have been asked these questions so many times that it is disturbing, and frustrating. It upsets that of all the things that could be at the forefront of a person’s mind when meeting me, are questions like these. Most of them don’t have anything to do with what I write, how I write, or the person that I am. They are some of the most self-centered and superficial things I have heard to date. For that reason, I have compromised a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them. This blog entry will be linked in the Mission Statement and “Enough about myself, here’s a free book” pages, for future reference. In the future, should any questions identical or similar to these be asked, I will promptly respond with a link to this blog entry, so that you may joyfully educate yourself, and thereby cease my frustration.

1. Why don’t you write children’s/teen’s books?

Because I don’t want to. As much as children’s books were a precious part of my childhood, writing one does not interest me. It’s the same reason why you are disinterested in whatever it is you are disinterested in. Many folks have asked and tried to convince me to write for children because I have worked as a teacher. The topics I would write about, have been written a hundred times over by other authors, and I prefer to empower the ideals I believe in, within the classroom. Despite how I come across, I believe in my community and enjoy providing for it.

2. Where are you from/what race are you?

Well, for starters I am human, but if you want to get technical, I am Italian, Irish, English, Nigerian, French and German. Guess where I was born? Middletown, CT, United States. I have lived in CT for 27 years, and 1 year in Georgia. I am not some “exotic beauty” from India or South America or Asia or the Middle East like you think I am. And don’t you dare tell me I look Indian, because my dark skin and big nose do not mean I must be from India or some other country.

3. Why don’t you write about…?

It drives me up a wall when people try to shove their ideas in my face. If you have a story idea you want to see written, then don’t you think you should go write it? If you had the sense to think it up, then you probably have the sense to make it a halfway decent, or even really good book.

4. Who is your favorite author?

Depends on your definition of author… some people don’t regard comic book artists as authors. I hate to go down this road, because I know some people are sick of manga and anime, but it’s Takeuchi Naoko. Her exaggerated art style for starters, and her incredibly realistic character personalities too. The story-line of .Sailor Moon is not the most complicated, but Takeuchi-san makes up for that with the way she challenges gender equality and gender bias in society through these young and powerful women. CLAMP comes in a close second, because despite their beautiful artwork, their track record for finishing a series is often sloppy. Their series are usually very short too, and the only longer one I’ve read is Tsubasa Chronicles, which became confusing and tiring after a while. Still, Magic Knight Rayearth and Angelic Layer are some of the best manga series I’ve ever read. For the hell of it, in third place is Togashi Yoshihiro, who tends to have a similar track record to CLAMP, though not as severe. His series tend to be repetitive in plot/story-line, but I have all 19 volumes of Yu Yu Hakusho on the shelf beside me, so there you go!

5. What do you write about?

I don’t stick to one particular genre, though I have a handful of favorites: Romance, horror, fantasy, science fiction. I guess with all of my blog posts we can say non-fiction is one of my genres too. My stories are rarely similar, and rarely focus on similar topics. I do occasionally use tropes, like human male + alien female, because it’s one of the few that doesn’t bore me. (Corban Dallas with Leeloo, and Jake Sully with Neytiri, are a couple of my faves. I’d mention that couple(?) from Guardians of the Galaxy but I haven’t seen the movie).

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