The Youtuber That I Will Never Become

There are some fantastic Youtube channels that I am subscribed to, which are a combination of well-known and lesser-known individuals. I am subscribed to these people because despite how popular they have become, they have maintained their self-respect, genuine characters and respect for their channel’s community.

One of my favorites is iDeactivateMC, who has well over 100,00 subscribers now. His commentary, in the beginning, was hilariously awkward, and his tone of voice was also very comical. It’s pretty obvious that recording himself scared the living hell out of him, and that makes it easy for us to relate to him. After a few years, Anthony is the EXACT SAME as he was when he started out (He has grown as a person as people naturally do). And we, his fans, adore him for it.

Usually, I can’t tolerate women who squeal. Which is weird, because I tend to squeal in my Youtube videos. But anyways, they are channels like Aureylian which make me want to drive ten thousand nails into my own head, and then there are other channels like ihascupquake (Tiffany) and OMGitsfirefoxx (Sonja), which I happily celebrate. I think it’s because, unlike Aureylian, Tiffany and Sonja have maintained their sense of self-respect and have stayed real. They don’t need to use their breasts to get attention, or like Aureylian, try to get popular by being featured on a male youtuber’s channel. It also helps that they are great at the games that they make videos for. It also helps that in addition to their charisma, their intelligence shines proudly.

Now that I’ve mentioned a few favorites, it’s time to talk about the Youtube channels who frustrate me, so much so that I no longer watch their videos. A good example is TheDiamondMinecart, also known as Dan. Dan started out with slightly awkward, but otherwise mature and relaxed commentary. His videos were informative, and his thumbnails made it easy to tell what the video will be about. Nowadays, Dan just shouts into his microphone, and most of what he says is nonsense. This makes his voice unbearable, and before unsubscribing, I would turn down my volume to 1/10th of the normal level I keep it at. His thumbnails are just random images of his face, or his Minecraft character, and they don’t give a clear indication of what is in the video. I’m not so certain that this formula of immaturity and nonsense is actually working for him. (Having a lot of subscribers doesn’t mean a channel is popular, only a third of his subscribers actually watch his videos).

The same can be said for Captainsparklez. Jordan is horrifyingly bad at video games, and not in a way that is funny or easy to tolerate. I can tolerate a gamer who sucks at games if their personality, and genuine effort to play the game to the best of their ability, make up for it. The problem with Jordan, and Dan too, is that they are men, and they don’t have to try very hard. Jordan will never research the mods he uses for Minecraft. He aimlessly wanders around, shouts angrily when he fails, proceeds to blame his failures on everything other than his own in-game choices, or even accuses people on servers of hacking when they are just better at the game than him. Jordan is dangerously close to becoming like JNasty720, a horrible Youtube gamer who calls people words I will never write here, encourages people to harass other Youtubers, and blames his failures on everyone else. I personally HATE people like this, who are nothing but leeches who can suck the air out of a room and drain the world of all of its resources. There is a reason why we don’t see people like Sethbling, Aureylian, AllShamNoWow, AntVenom, and a plethora of other youtubers featured on his channel anymore. I really wish I had the money to repeatedly buy cars and move from one home to the next, throw an extra laptop into a bathtub and pretend it’s an accident. Need I remind you that Jordan, as far as we know, has NOT finished a college education? Is this really the kind of message he wants to send? That being fake, wasteful and uneducated will get you 9 million+ subscribers? Even if he is not trying to send that message, he still falls into the category of a painfully blind white male who doesn’t understand that out of the top 10 most popular Youtube channels, only one of them represents a black woman (RihannaVEVO), and no other women or minorities.

I vow, as a lesser-known youtuber who might by some miracle, become popular, to NEVER turn into one of these obnoxious, disrespectful attention whores. I vow that, no matter how popular my channel might become, I will still respond to comments and engage in my channel’s community. I will not use the excuse that I do not have time to talk to people. I will continue to be myself, my relaxed, normal, genuine self, who is frankly, SO MUCH BETTER at games than these idiots who get attention for SUCKING AT GAMES. You do not have to like my channel or subscribe to it, but if you are a fan of the awful channels I mentioned, like TheDiamondMinecart and Captainsparklez, please consider giving your attention to people who are not male versions of Kim Kardashian. The more videos of these morons that you watch, the more you feed their stupid habits and forgive their terrible behavior. You are inadvertently feeding sexism and white privilege by supporting these guys, and stomping on everyone else who actually works hard just to gain one subscribe per month, if that.


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