Mission Statement

My main goal is to write whatever I want to write, how I want to write it. My goal is not to please you, or for you to agree with what I say. I am not a sensationalist, or antagonist, nor do I believe that things must be good if they piss off a massive number of people. Instead I believe in being honest, real and down to Earth.

The things I focus on are things I know and understand. Things that effect me directly, or things that I care about. I have a boisterous sense of humor and I do not care what people think of me. I do not spread lies, rumors, or hatred. At the very least, I will speculate, and make it very clear that I am speculating. I do not write about things I am unfamiliar with, either.

In addition, I also post updates about my books. These updates are irregular, but I make up for it with my general blog posts. Some of the topics I like revolve around social issues, politics, religion, science, and humor. I have a miscellaneous section I delve into occasionally, usually media and art related. I can get pretty personal sometimes too.

So far, responses to this blog have been all positive. I’d like to keep it that way. If you don’t like what I write, leave. Nobody is keeping you here. If you don’t like me, oh well, because your opinion has no baring on my character, or effect on my life. Bullying, LGBT-phobias, racism, and general stupidity are not welcome here. Intelligence on the other hand, I welcome that with open arms.


5 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. john nofi says:

    I like your short video excerpt of the debate about creationism. I have been engaged in a Bible study that is teaching that the world was created in 6 24 hour days. At the same time the instructor states that other interpretations are acceptable.. Galileo was ex-communicated for saying the earth is revolving around the sun. We now know better and I wish we didn’t need to be so arrogant as to tell God how and how long it took him to create everything. When you think about the beginning of everything there cannot even be a ‘before’ so God is not restricted to days, weeks, hours, etc. I didn’t see the entire debate, but I would hope that we can all agree that we learn and grow as we go, and if you believe in God that you just know simply…He did it.

    • Alexandra Nofi says:

      The fact that “God” is not restricted to ANYTHING we can or cannot possibly imagine, is one of many reasons why I do not participate in religion.

      Stephen Hawking’s theories, formulas and research on the big bang, black holes, and antimatter, along with his theory about how the universe came to be, to me is far more valuable than anything “God” did. It is easy, and cowardly, to say that “God” created everything, did everything, we don’t know how other than what the book tells us, and we should just believe it because that is what gets us, the special ones, the ones who are above all other living beings on Earth, into heaven for that ever so special after life. And that is why I am atheist. Not because I disbelieve in “God”, or because I “hate” religion. I know better than to disregard the reality that when I die, my body is recycled back into nature for the balance of all life to continue. I am forever part of this world because of equivalent exchange. That is something I am honored to be a part of, and am thankful for. To say I am above nature, and the balance of it, is unrealistic, dishonest and arrogant.

  2. costarica1997 says:

    Your cartoon is funny. I like your post and want to share a bit about me. I was born and raised in Memphis,TN. I do not like Elvis nor most of his music and comings and goings, but I will say that I have a son that lives in CT with his father, unfortunately and I have a 8 yr. old daughter that lives with me. I grew up with abusive parents and being a single parent for years without support from family or any kind of friends has left me angry, bitter, and lost.

    For decades, I had been victimized those that didn’t want to see me successful, that is including my parents and I recently have had the time to learn about myself (personality and all). I went and got a Master’s degree in Psychology, but the real work was when I took the time while my daughter has been in school and researched about personality psychology because I have always been fascinated by people’s abilities, skills, talents, and gifts.

    God-given or natural and I must say, I am a combination of both temperaments because of being a single parent. I can’t side with one or the other which would make for a great entrepreneur because I can operate both aspects of my brain hemispheres. I have been criticized for my temperament and want to make others aware that they don’t have to suffer the injustice of being outcast for being who God created them to be, temperaments and all. They have an ally in me and I feel that there are many that would love to be that surrogate father, mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, sister, cousin, friend, etc. that the biological members will not live up too. It takes some, like me, to come in to their own late in life (late bloomer) to find careers, spouses, etc. It just takes awhile but you will know what you want when you are ready and wise.

    • Alexandra Nofi says:

      Hello there! 🙂 The cartoon wasn’t made by me, I found it via tumblr. Sounds like you have given your life quite a bit of thought. I was raised by a single mom, it was not easy. But we are women, and we ALWAYS get through it!!!

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