The Difference Between Race and Ethnicity

There isn't any. Let me break it down for you. When I was a kid, and when my parents were kids, we used the word "race" to describe where our families are from. Growing up, I had five races - Italian, Irish, Nigerian, French, and German. Nowadays, people use the word "ethnicity" in place of … Continue reading The Difference Between Race and Ethnicity


What You Should Know About Martial Arts

There are many myths, misconceptions and downright bizarre attitudes and behaviors that many people have about martial arts. The purpose of this blog entry, is to dispel that nonsense and at the same time, be educational. Let's start with the weird behaviors: Don't laugh. While people who study martial arts typically enjoy it, we also … Continue reading What You Should Know About Martial Arts

Don’t Call Geisha Prostitutes

I won't sit here and say that geisha were not, at times, exploited, because women have been exploited in every corner of the globe. But I won't sit here and act like geisha are somehow worse-off than American women, or any other woman in any other part of the world. It's been my experience that if a cultural behavior is different than what we've grown up with, we label it as wrong. Well it's not wrong for a woman to be a geisha, who lives, eats, breathes and performs art. By your logic, the starving artist down the street would also be a prostitute because he sells his paintings. If you think selling your body and selling your paintings are not the same thing, there are thousands of artists lines up around the block to tell you otherwise. Art is, and always will be, an extension of the human form.