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The Day We Celebrate Love
February 14, 2013

I don’t look forward to Valentine’s Day just so that I can spend time with my boyfriend. I love him dearly but I can see him any day in the year.

What I look forward to is that I can see my mother, and my closest friends on this day and tell them that I love them.

Valentine’s Day should not just be about your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. This holiday should be a celebration of unconditional love as well. The love you have for your children, whether you have given birth to them or adopted them or whether you are their teacher. Love for your family, such as your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and so on. Love for your closest friends who have always stuck by you and had your back when shit got rough. Love for your country, love for your ethnicity, love for who you are as a person, love for your planet and love for humanity.

So if you aren’t dating someone, or you aren’t married or engaged, and you’re dreading the idea you’ll be alone, then get together with a friend or pay a friend of your’s a quick visit to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. Call your mother or your father or both and ell them you love them. Take your kids out for ice cream (if they can eat it) and at least remind them you love them with a hug and a kiss. There is no reason to be by yourself today just because you aren’t romantically involved with someone else.

Sure, most of us probably do desire to be loved by someone in a romantic way. That is perfectly fine. But does love always have to be about what you are getting from it? Why not just give it to someone else? The world would be a much happier place if we were more concerned with giving love to others than always receiving it.

I’m making it a point today to not only see my boyfriend this afternoon but to tell my mother I love her, and to¬†also visit my friend and remind him that he is loved too. During my travels if I see anyone that I know and am close with, I will remind them also.