Take It Back Contest – WIN a piece of ART made by me!

First go to my Soundcloud page to listen to the instrumental version of Take It Back: https://soundcloud.com/ay_en/take-it-back-instrumental From April 1st, until May 15th 2018, you're invited to participate in the Take It Back Lyrics Contest. Between May 15th and August 14th, I will be judging every single submission, then I will announce the winner on Soundcloud, … Continue reading Take It Back Contest – WIN a piece of ART made by me!


Review: Mike Shinoda’s EP, “Post Traumatic” is a Game Changer

I wanted to take a day or so to absorb these songs before reviewing them. Every time I've done a review of any music, or other art forms, I always like to let things sink in. When it comes to an EP like Post Traumatic, this is especially important for me to do. There's so … Continue reading Review: Mike Shinoda’s EP, “Post Traumatic” is a Game Changer

Song of the Arcanist

You can download the S.O.T.A. modpack here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kaslczd0zo4g8s/SOTAfullpackupdate.zip?dl=0 Download Mo' Creatures for 1.12.2 here: https://www.mocreatures.org/downloads Modpack file is updated as often as possible. Song of the Arcanist is a medium sized modpack for version 1.12.2, that adds all sorts of new things to Minecraft, without interrupting the open-ended and simplistic feeling of the game when it isn't … Continue reading Song of the Arcanist

Youtube – I Went There

For the last five years or so, I have been interested in the gaming community on Youtube. My interest increased with Halo Reach's "Forge" world, where people could create all kinds of mini-games and unique structures. I enjoyed people's creativity, especially the videos on TheHaloForgeEpidemic, which showcased some very intelligent and never-before-seen builds. You can … Continue reading Youtube – I Went There

Let’s Chat

I want to take a break from blogging about the usual stuff that's too serious and instead, talk about a youtube channel I've been subscribed to for a very long time: Captainsparklez. I originally found Jordan's channel by searching for a survival gameplay series in Minecraft. After watching his Skyblock series, I ventured into his … Continue reading Let’s Chat